A decade ago, preventing and treating HIV is what brought North Star into existence, trying at the time to limit the epidemic of the disease amongst truck drivers. This World AIDS Day, North Star Alliance has doubled down in the fight to end the epidemic by increasing our outreach efforts and helping as many people…

Seven years ago, HIV and AIDS were having a devastating impact on Africa’s truck drivers. Without access to health services along their routes, HIV was left unchecked, and, just like the goods drivers were transporting, able to move along corridors into communities across the continent. The impact of this was not only being felt by…

This year, we enter the fourth decade of an epidemic that has had a profound impact on humanity. While part of this impact reflects the devastating human toll AIDS has had in communities around the globe, more recently it has also reflected tremendous feats of innovation and growing leadership from a diverse group of stakeholders….

World AIDS Day 2010 - Mwanza Malawi - North Star Alliance

In honour of the 30th Anniversary of AIDS, we thought we would feature one of our favourite photos from a North Star Alliance World AIDS Day campaign run at our Mwanza Roadside Wellness Centre in Malawi this past December. As part of our campaign, Audhriech, a North Star Alliance Clinical Officer spent time speaking to…

Making the decision to get tested for HIV can be difficult. For many, it means confronting not only the status of their own health, but their social status within a community as well. Ensuring that every community has access to high quality information, counseling, and medical care is, therefore, paramount to reducing not only the number of new infections, but the overall health and wellbeing of a community.

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