For a disease that can be largely prevented and easily cured, malaria remains an unnecessarily heavy burden for many people living in sub-Saharan Africa. Every year, over 200 million malaria cases occur worldwide, claiming the lives of an estimated 660,000 people, most of them living on the African continent. As with many diseases, hard-to-reach populations,…

On April 25th, North Star staff and 48 participants met to discuss a range of topics covering malaria personal prevention, environmental management, symptoms and recognition, and actions to be taken when signs of malaria appear.

The following post was written by Thabsile Sithole, North Star Alliance Peer Educator at the Ngwenya Roadside Wellness Centre in Swaziland I want to share this as you know that today is World Malaria Day.  I’m Thabsile Sithole,  the peer educator at North Star Allaince’s Ngwenya Wellness Centre in Swaziland.  As a peer educator I want to…

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