Dr. Pim de Graaf
Chairman of the Supervisory Board
the Netherlands

Pim de Graaf trained as a General Practitioner in the Netherlands and worked in rural hospitals in Mozambique and Rwanda. He spent many years with Médecins sans Frontières, in different positions, lastly he was chair of the Board of Directors for five years. In between, during a seven year spell as director of the International Centre of the NIZW in the Netherlands, he linked Dutch and international health and welfare sectors. Currently, he advises a range of organisations on health policy and strategy in stable and unstable (conflict) situations in Africa, Asia and Europe.

Mr. Mark Gunton
Member of the Supervisory Board
Clinton Giustra Enterprise Partnership (the Enterprise Partnership)
United States of America

Mark Gunton serves as CEO of the Clinton Giustra Enterprise Partnership (the Enterprise Partnership), an independently funded initiative inside the Clinton Foundation, that focuses on creating and scaling social enterprises in supply chains and distribution networks. Before joining the Enterprise Partnership in February 2012, Mark spent 28 years in business and finance roles in Fortune 500 companies, mostly in the areas of supply chain and logistics.

Ms. Caroline Barber
Member of the Supervisory Board
Head of Programmes
United Kingdom

Caroline Barber is managing Transaid’s existing projects as well as developing new opportunities and partnerships. Caroline has worked in Zambia as a Project Manager for Transaid’s Professional Driver Training Project and has also undertaken work for Transaid in Ghana, Uganda, Madagascar and Sri Lanka. Caroline joined Transaid from Wincanton, a leading supply chain and logistics company, where she previously held roles in project management and business development.

Mr. Bas Janssen
Strategic Advisor
Previously Managing Director
TNT Express Road Networks
the Netherlands

Bas worked for more than 20 years at TNT in different functions. Besides having been on the Supervisory Board of North Star and now being the Board’s Strategic Advisor, Bas is Chairman of the board for Fleet Forum, an organisation set up in 2003 between worldwide humanitarian organisations and development organisations. Bas recently finished his MBA with a thesis on future developments and similarities in objectives and cooperation between the corporate world and NGOs.