In 2016, more than +300,000 clinical and educational sessions took place in our blue boxes.

Our health service package is responsive to the specific needs of our different client groups. This includes general health check- ups, treatment for a range of illnesses including sexually transmitted infections and malaria, counselling and testing for HIV, anti-retroviral treatment, free condoms and information on topics such as tuberculosis, hypertension, diabetes, and positive gender relations. To stay relevant, we constantly assess our services and invest in ways to improve our capacity to deliver them.


Primary Health Care


STI Testing and Treatment


HIV Counselling and Testing


Educational Sessions

Last year, we ensured that 122,622 hard-to-reach people had access to the services they needed to stay healthy.

Truck drivers and other mobile workers often have difficulty accessing quality health care without losing valuable work time. Simple factors like limited operating hours and distance to health facilities are barriers for people who cannot take time off to seek medical treatment. As a solution, we developed the Roadside Wellness Centre, or Blue Box, concept to extend local health infrastructure and strengthen referral systems to meet the needs of some of Africa’s most hard-to-reach populations, including truck drivers, sex workers, and members of communities situated along transport corridors.

Truck Drivers

Last year, 39% of our patients identified as being Truck Drivers.

Sex Workers

Last year, 20% of our patients identified as being Sex Workers.

Community Members

Last year, 41% of our patients were local Community Members.

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