Our electronic health passport system, COMETS, was developed by North Star Alliance and ORTEC in 2009 in response to a fragmented healthcare system unable to store and access the health information of mobile workers. COMETS enables the exchange of patient-specific data between each Blue Box as well as the collection of site specific data used for monitoring and evaluation.

Star Driver

A loyalty programme designed to increase the number and frequency of truck drivers visiting our Blue Box clinics, Star Driver combines traditional clinical and public health services (such as HIV testing and family planning) with non-medical services like professional development, and activities directed at boosting a sense of community and increased self-esteem, to improve health promotion among this key population group.

State of the Road

Introduced in 2012, our annual State of the Road Survey  collects interviews from more than 600 truck drivers across East and Southern Africa, shedding light on the health wants and needs of truck drivers and ensuring that our services remain effective and relevant.


Developed in collaboration with the Foundation for Professional Development (FPD), is a mapping application running within the SADC region that provides people on the move with easy access to location and direction information of the closest health clinic through a powerful GPS-built feature. website

North-South Corridor Demonstration Project

The North-South Corridor Demonstration (Demo) Project is a feasablity study on the provision of effective antiretroviral treatment (ART) services to a highly mobile population. Running at five sites across three countries, the pilot will assess factors including uptake, linkage to support services, patient follow-up, and retention in care. In addition, the optimum model for delivery will also be explored, giving the pilot project two arms; provision and evaluation.

The Balozi Project

The Balozi Project builds and trains a network of community health workers made up of mobile workers, sex workers, and members of the local communities. Piloted in 2013, the East Africa project was further established throughout 2014 including the development of a standardised curriculum to train outreach workers.